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How can PLM Integration Solution with ECM and Analytics capabilities boost your manufacturing business?

This webinar discusses how to break down data silos to connect your engineering and manufacturing systems.

What happens when the engineering and manufacturing functions of your business fail to get a complete picture of a product’s lifecycle? It leads to errors, duplication of effort, drop in efficiency, and inaccurate decision making. 

Collaboration is the key to success for a manufacturing organization and that can be achieved only if there is a strong synergy between the engineering and manufacturing functions.

This webinar is about how an end-to-end solution with PLM-ERP integration, engineering change management, and analytics capabilities can bring together design, manufacturing, and production functions, resolve challenges and help them make timely business decisions.

The 45-minute session will cover:

  • What a PLM Integration Solution can do for manufacturing businesses
  • The benefits of integrating PLM with ERP
  • Engineering Change Management and its importance in version control and ensuring data quality 
  • The need for Analytics and Business Intelligence


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